Have More Money at the End of the Month

Channel Financial's research-backed financial wellness program for employees will help you achieve your financial goals and uncover where you're wasting your money.


Developed with Renowned Researchers at Duke University

Channel Financial's personalized program removes complexity from financial decisions by breaking them into actionable steps and coaching you one step at a time.

How Channel Financial's Program Works

1. Set Your Goals

First select your financial goals, then find out what they're doing right with your money (and key areas where you are wasting your money).


2. Select Your Path

Choose to be matched with an advisor who is uniquely qualified to help you achieve your goals or decide to work on your own.

3. Receive Personalized Coaching

Join the 8-week program to make real progress on your financial goals and have more money at the end of the month.


Claim Your New Benefit!

Channel Financial's financial wellness program is a great new employee benefit.

Find out what you're doing right with your money and even receive free-to-you personalized coaching from our company's retirement plan advisors.

It's fun and only takes 5 minutes to start!